keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Drilling holes in asbestos

How to Drill holes in asbestos:

Preparing the work area
■ Ensure safe access.
■ Restrict access - minimise the number of people present.
■ Close doors. Use tape and notices to warn others.
■ If feasible, also restrict access to the rear of asbestos material. If drilling a roof
from outside, segregate the area beneath.
■ If access to the rear is not possible, warn the building owner that this area is
■ Ensure adequate lighting

■ 500-gauge polythene sheeting and duct tape;
■ warning tape and notices;
■ drill - manual or powered, set at the lowest speed;
■ drill bit, or hole cutter for holes greater than 20 mm diameter;
■ thick paste, eg wallpaper paste or shaving foam, or a proprietary device to
contain drilling debris;
■ mastic or sealant for gaps;
■ plastic or metal sleeve to protect hole edges;
■ bucket of water and rags;
■ asbestos waste container, eg labelled polythene sack; and
■ clear polythene sack.

Have fun.